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Don't Blame Vampires Stamp by sarahn Don't Blame Vampires Stamp by sarahn
EDITEDIT: Got rid of that annoying black under the stamp; made it transparent.

EDIT: HOLYSHIT so many favs so quickly! Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought this. Thanks everyone!
Well, if I think of anymore stamp ideas (that are WORTH making), I'll make it...but I doubt it'll compare to this one's popularity. :XD:

Haha, my first stamp is really, REALLY dumb and probably exists already (If it does LET ME KNOW! I tried to find such a stamp, really I did). I'll probably regret uploading this.

Also, sorry if the stamp doesn't look entirely right. I use Paint Shop Pro, not Photoshop...and the templates weren't exactly agreeing with me.

I would also say I will probably remove this once the vampire fad dies off a bit, but who knows?

...To clarify a few things:

1: I hate Twilight, but I'm also very indifferent about it and not really the type to go around and get into debates. This stamp was spawned more from people suddenly deciding they hate vampires rather than pure Twilight loathing. I'm saying if you like it, fine. Everyone likes what they likes, a guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure, ect. ect.
BUT I've decided to disable comments because I prefer this to just be a stamp page and not turn into a long-winded debate page over why something sucks or doesn't suck.

2: In a way, this stamp is referring to more than just Twilight...but the entire current vampire fad. All the new shows, movies, ect....most being directed at teenagers. But lets face it, Twilight started it. (Really though I was just too lazy to make an animated gif stating all of this.)

3: This stamp isn't a demand to like vampires. If you hated vampires even before Twilight, please roll your eyes and move on.

4: I can also see just being tired of vampires, even I am a bit and am not eagerly looking for new vampire movies to watch like I was. But I still LIKE them; when they're used well, they're awesome to me.

5: In the end, this stamp is asking any batch of used-to-be fans of vampires not to hate them and feel dirty for ever liking them because of recent media. In fact, fellow vampire artists, this should make you MORE pumped to make good vampire art, literature, or whatever. And to any readers/watchers who pass over anything vampire-related lately, give it a chance! Even if it's a small one.

Don't hate vampires, it's not their fault! :( They can still be cool! Really!

K, bye. :ashamed:
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December 12, 2009
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