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Hey everyone, I technically COULD upload the next Daniel page on Halloween (Friday), but then I'd feel the need to switch to Friday updates (or at least Thurs. later) so I don't mess up my schedule. Don't ask how that works, basically I have a system and don't want to screw it up too much if I can help it.

So what do you think? Switch to Thurs/Friday update schedule for the time being so we can get to see the next page sooner, or just stick to uploading the comic pages on Mondays?
I have....mixed feelings about this new Deviantart setup. :confused:
Hey guys, been a while since I wrote something here, hasn't it? Well, this time around, I have a rather dissapointing announcement to make. (Err, not TOO bad though, don't worry.)

Some of you may have seen that I've been having drawing arm pain troubles off and on, and a few weeks ago I made it way worse by doing some heavy-lifting, resulting in me using up my buffer so I could take a three week break to rest my arm.

Unfortunately, it hasn't improved by leaps and bounds. Pain is still there and my arm is rather weak these days. Technically speaking, I can draw fine for the most part, it's just sore (mostly in the bend of my arm)...but my arm's weakness is the most concerning thing, and my hand even shakes a bit sometimes as I draw. I don't want this to get worse, basically.

I wanted to only take a 3-week break (that you guys saw as only missing one update) and leave it at that...but I'm starting to think I should take an even longer one. I COULD switch to updating sparsely for a while, but I kind of had plans related to a Patreon page that would involve making more than 4 comic pages a month as well as perhaps other little artworks on the side and I think it might just be better to have a REAL break and then try to continue with those plans afterwards. It's been REALLY getting on my nerves having this always in the back of my mind, making me paranoid about doing more work.

To sum it up, I think I should take about a month long break, or close to a month at least. I don't want to, BELIEVE ME I freakin' absolutely don't. I know it's a horrible point in the story for this to happen and I've been enjoying getting out the recent pages. Daniel in general has just been a very fun comic for me to work on and not updating it makes me feel uneasy....but I'm starting to think my arm is in dire need of a long rest, and better to get the break over with now rather than having no choice but to later while in the middle of trying to do some big projects. =/

I was considering still updating once a week until December and taking THAT month off, but I probably shouldn't risk hurting my arm any worse by continuing work until then. think taking a month off is probably the best move? I'd love to hear insight from other people who have had this problem and what worked best for them in the long term. Or even if you have no opinion, MAJOR SUPER HUGE sorry about this. :cries: I will try to get out a doodle or two so you guys have something to look at.

........I can tell my arm is a mess just because it's twinging and more sore just from doing a lot of typing this afternoon. :(

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Hi Sarah N., longtime reader of multiple comics here :)

Hope your arm gets better!

Will you ever return to Cwen's Quest?
sarahn Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfortunately, I probably won't be returning to drawing Cwen's Quest (though I still hesitate to say outright 'no'). However, that doesn't mean Cwen's Quest may never return in some form or another from what I've heard from Nick (the writer of the comic), though it's just a possibility for down the road, I can't confirm anything.

Thank you for reading my comics nonetheless and I hope you still enjoy reading Daniel and any other other future stuff I end up working on. :hug:
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Hi Sarah N., longtime reader here :)

Will you ever return to Cwen's Quest?
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